Like many Canadians, you may have noticed new online options for pharmacies becoming more popular, and you may be wondering what the difference is and what one is the right choice for you.  

PocketPills is a virtual pharmacy that fills prescriptions and delivers medication, and they work with traditional insurance companies to set medication costs. An insurer, for example, could negotiate with PocketPills on dispensing fees and get a better price, which is then passed on to members of that insurance plan.  

Unlike PocketPills, Genrus Direct was founded specifically for Ontario residents who do not have insurance. Genrus Direct is a membership savings plan, the only one of its kind in Canada. Where PocketPills is a pharmacy, we are a partnership that negotiates better medication pricing for people without insurance.  

Like PocketPills, Genrus Direct members can fill their prescriptions online, digitally manage their refills, and enjoy safe, free delivery of medications to their door. With Genrus Direct, savings are not limited to people using insurance benefits. We help uninsured Ontarians save money on medication by reducing operational overhead with our virtual pharmacy partner, offering 90-day fills to reduce dispensing fees, and offering free, next-day delivery. 

Genrus Direct currently serves Ontario for home delivery of prescription medications, and Canada for over the counter medications and supplements.